Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine is ready to discuss peace initiatives of different countries, but ruled out the possibility of compromises with Russia.

“Why do you think that a country that has been attacked and is at war should be willing to compromise? Russian soldiers must return to their land. This is the only opportunity to stop the war,” said Vladimir Zelensky.

According to Zelensky, everyone should understand that if a compromise with Russia means giving it part of the territory of Ukraine, then the territories of all continents, all countries of the world will be in danger from now on.

Zelensky also responded to the current discussion in the United States about a possible reduction in military assistance to Ukraine and said that Ukraine will continue to fight in any case. “Freedom is our most important value, and no one will give it up, even if the leaders of large countries try to force us to do so,” Zelensky said.