"Gori Inn" is organizing an event space adjacent to the hotel. According to the executive director of "Inn Group", Erekle Kokaia, a special tent was purchased for this purpose, in the shape of the circus building that existed in Gori until 1996. The space covers 600 square meters and can accommodate 500 people. calculated.

"In the place where Gori Inn is located, there was a circus building that burned down years ago, so we bought a tent of this shape as a symbol. Currently, the pouring of reinforced concrete has already been completed and the floor is being laid. We will organize an event space that will host corporate evenings, weddings, banquets, and other parties. We are also planning the official ceremonial opening of "Gori Inn" in this space," said Erekle Kokaia.

In addition to the 5-star hotel designed for 250 people, "Gori Inn" offers its customers other spaces, some of which have already been opened. According to Inn Group, the investment of 20 million yen for the said facility will increase further, the co-financing share of which belongs to "Produce in Georgia".

The space will open in about a month and a half.