The Georgian board game startup BGERAGames' game "Gorgasali" has been placed on one of the largest board game platforms, is a platform that gathers thousands of games and has more than half a million visitors.


Nika Nadiradze, the founder of BGERAGames, mentions on the "Business Morning" program that the board game "Gorgasali" is sold on "Amazon" and it is already available in 6 languages.

As for the new second game of the startup - "Megalomania", according to Nika Nadiradze, it will be available on Amazon in the first quarter of 2023.

"Friends created Gorgasali with enthusiasm and love for board games, and it ended up on Amazon. Just a few weeks ago, we also appeared on "Gorgasali" is the first Georgian board game available on this platform.

We went through a difficult period due to the pandemic, but we did not stop and created the second game, "Megalomania." In the first quarter of 2023, it will cross the borders of the country and be placed on "Amazon." The Georgian market is too small for this direction. For example, the sales of our startup are 10 times higher in the international market than in Georgia," says the startup.

The founder of BGERAGames also talks about his startup plans in "Business Morning" and as he notes, BGERAGames is also working on new games.